With over 15 years of skatepark design experience, including the design of the original X Games competition courses, Spohn Ranch possesses critical insight into the mind of the modern skateboarder.  With your unique situation in mind, Spohn Ranch can create an innovative design that translates inspiration from the streets into high-quality engineered skateable structures.

Spohn Ranch has been at the forefront of a new trend in skateparks which breaks away from the traditional fenced-in ramp park on a concrete slab.  Pioneering a new style of skatepark called the “skate plaza”, we’ve worked to create skateparks that incorporate landscaping and become integrated with the existing environment.  Leveraging this knowledge of urban planning and landscape architecture, Spohn Ranch can help you create beautiful scenery that is visually appealing, compatible with the surrounding environment, and most importantly – skateable.

Using advanced conceptual renderings we can illustrate exactly how the landscape will look once skateable art pieces are incorporated.  Once a final design is established, production of the skateable art pieces can immediately begin.


By using our state-of-the-art concrete plant, we can create high-strength pre-cast concrete pieces that simplify the construction process and lower the costs usually associated with unique art pieces.  Leveraging our concrete plant allows us to make sure that each piece will be made with the highest quality standards every time.

Our Spohncrete system ensures advanced protection against wear and tear that would normally require continuous maintenance.  Metal edging is inserted directly into our concrete molds before casting, giving our pieces superior resistance to grinding and damage.  This also helps avoid struggling to perfectly fill all voids below the coping or metal edging, especially with irregularly shaped elements.

Our proprietary material mixture yields high-strength concrete that minimizes cracking and chipping. Precision-cast concrete is also subject to stringent quality control, reaching 6000 psi strength vs. the 4000 psi commonly found in poured-in-place parks.  Spohn Ranch’s pre-cast pieces are also backed by a 15-year limited warranty.


Once the pieces are produced they are shipped to the site and seamlessly integrated into the surrounding environment.  With minor cutting and flatwork, we can create a flawless concrete sculpture without wasting existing concrete.  This approach allows us be in and out, without creating disturbances to nearby facilities and recreation areas.  Once the pieces are installed, appreciation and amazement from the community will immediately begin.