Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best place for Skateable Art?

The beauty of Skateable Art is that it has no boundaries or rules that define where it should be placed.  Skateable Art can be placed in a skatepark, but it is certainly not limited to just skateparks.  The most inspiring Skateable Art installations in fact, have been in communities that thought outside of the box and integrated Skateable Art into terrain that is as far from a skatepark as possible.  Whether it’s in a skatepark, along a pedestrian path, or in the center of urban plaza, what really matters is creating a unique dynamic between art and skateboarding.

How can the Skateable Art pieces be customized?

Our in-depth experience with concrete allows us to customize all of the Skateable Art pieces in an infinite amount of ways.  Some of the techniques we have used include:

–          Incorporating dyes and tints into the concrete mix to create custom colored concrete

–          Stamping custom textures into the piece – such as a brick pattern

–          Embossing text into the piece – such as the name of a skatepark

–          Incorporating different kinds of stone into the piece – such as granite

–          Painting the finished pieces with graphics, graffiti, or patterns

–          Creating cutouts in the pieces which create new gaps and trick possibilities

Can you make custom pieces?

The answer is yes!  If you have an idea for a Skateable Art piece that isn’t in our collection, please contact us and we can turn your art into a skateboarding reality.  Working in 3D allows us to create accurate models for any custom piece and hand them off to our highly-skilled mold makers.

How are the Skateable Art pieces artistic?

All of our Skateable Art pieces are either inspired by works of famous sculptural artists or by unique obstacles found on the streets that have been adopted by skateboarders as iconic spots.  Rather than being confined to a gallery, the freedom afforded by outdoor space allows these sculptural masterpieces to really shine.  Using imaginative geometry, creative shapes, and distinctive textures and colors, these pieces can serve as a striking visual that breaks up the monotony of any public space.  Art is in its best form when it is interactive and allows people to explore its beauty firsthand.

Why is Skateable Art so attractive to skaters?

Skateable Art is attractive to skateboarders because it offers something different from what they’ve been seeing in skateparks for years.  Skaters are always looking to somehow imitate the professionals they see skating the awe-inspiring architecture of Barcelona and Paris.  This kind of unique architecture is often much harder for the average US skater to find though.  The challenge created by Skateble Art pieces is what drives skateboarders and pushes them to discover new ways of skating.

Why use Skateable Art instead of standard skatepark equipment?

Other than providing skaters with something new and unique, the main reason we advocate for Skateable Art instead of standard skatepark equipment is because it kills two birds with one stone.  You can create something appealing to non-skaters in an artistic sense and appealing to skaters in terms of skateability.  Skateable Art is not only a skater’s dream, it can also spruce up a community because it is aesthetically pleasing and intriguing to pedestrians.