DIY - Easy Installation with Skateable Art

For skateable art aficionados on a tighter budget, Spohn Ranch offers an alternative approach for incorporating skateable art pieces into the community.  Instead of using inferior materials to lower our prices, we have found an alternate approach that saves money without compromising our products and values.  Using our concrete factory, all skateable art pieces are pre-assembled or pre-cast to the same high standards as our large scale skateparks.  All fabrication and assembly is handled by our experienced crew in tightly controlled factory conditions.

Spohn Ranch will provide detailed instructions to ensure that all components are spaced for optimum flow and skateablility.  When the skate elements arrive on site, you’ll only need a forklift and two local workers to offload the equipment.  If you have an existing surface such as a concrete slab you can save money by simply placing the pieces on top of the slab, rather than cutting in and inserting the piece.  The end result is that you save money on skatepark installation.   The resources that normally would have gone towards an install crew’s airfare, lodging, and other installation expenses can now be spent on additional skate elements.