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The Shark Fin

The Shark Fin is a fin shaped concrete feature inspired by the sleek curves of the fins found on sharks. The idea of the piece came from the winning entry of a skateable art design contest for landscape architecture students at the University of Manitoba in Canada.

This piece combines transitions with a spine feature allowing skaters to attack the obstacle from a variety of different angles. The most obvious way to skate this piece would be to carve the transitions and grind along the top part of the spine. More creative skaters can use this piece as a launch ramp or as a ledge that allows you to grind up the piece and roll away into transition.

This piece turns a majestic creature from the sea into a multipurpose concrete fixture. Just as a shark uses its fins to glide, turn, accelerate and roll in the ocean, skaters move their bodies in a similarly fluid fashion. Combining art and skateabiltiy is the perfect way to express those unqiue forms of movement.