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Roll-over Whip

Similar to the Gatorade Bench, the Roll-over Whip is a concrete ledge characterized by a series of peaks and valleys. The piece was inspired by a popular skate spot in China that features several of these kinds of obstacles.

Extensive documenation in magazines and videos of the original piece in China proves just how much skaters love this obstacle. As opposed to the Gatorade Bench where skaters are forced to ollie onto the piece, the Wave allows skaters to choose between ollieing or riding up onto the surface. The series of humps act as little ramps, creating several possibilites for huge airs, transfers between humps, and grinds that can launch skaters into the air.

Integrating this piece into some sort of landscape will not only fulfill every skater’s dream, it also gives you the oppurtunity to bring a piece of acclaimed Chinese architecture into your community. The wave pattern in the concrete ledge is a simple yet beauitful way to convey the nature of waves in the ocean.