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The pyracano is a monument to shredding that provides a vertical element often missing from skate plazas. By combining two pieces of skatepark equipment, the pyramid and the volcano, the pyracano can provide the unique feature that will complete your skatepark design.

The basic shape which defines pyramid and volcano skatepark obstacles lends itself perfectly to the art of skateboarding. The faceted sides of the piece allow skaters to perform tricks while transferring from one face to another. The pyracano can also serve as a centerpiece in any skatepark design. This allows skaters to approach the obstacle from every direction and get shot back out in any direction without losing momentum.

The monument-like appearance of this piece defines it as artistic sculpture. Similar sculptures can be found in the world’s most gorgeous cities, where they serve a purely aesthetic purpose. By incorporating this piece into a skatepark though, the line between art and skateboarding is blurred with amazing results.