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The horse shoe is a distinct skateable art piece that truly has it all. This sweeping ledge curves, rakes, and ramps – creating a multi-purpose piece that is perfect for any skatepark or skate spot.

This imaginative piece combines all of the ledge variations skaters love into one single feature. By tapping into the artistic nature of skaters, this piece will never cease to keep skating fresh and imaginative. A few possibilities include using the piece as a sloping quarter-pipe or popping an ollie onto the top edge and grinding all the way around.

The true beauty of skateable art is that skatepark features no longer have to look dull and standardized. With the horse shoe, you are able to incorporate enticing curves, transition, and slope all into one sculptural element. By using custom textures or engraving the name of a skatepark onto the back, this piece can serve as the perfect feature for the entrance of your skatepark.