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Earthquake Gap

The Earthquake Gap is part of our breakthrough Earthquake Series of skateable art pieces. This unique set of obstacles recreates the aftermath of an earthquake by creating pieces that appear to have barely withstood the tremendous force of an earthquake.

Although these pieces are meant to convey the feeling of destruction, they are still sturdy, durable and completely skateable. By placing the pieces at creative angles, skaters can find new and challenging ways to perform their tricks, such as using one part of the piece as a ramp and another as a ledge to grind down  Skaters are inherently artistic and often to choose to express this by taking photos or making films. The Earthquake Series would serve as the perfect backdrop for skaters to perform tricks and express their creativity at the same time.

If the goal of art is to pique peoples’ curiosuty and make them say “Wow!” then the Earthquake Series definetly meets that goal. By making the obstacles appear sunken and shifted out of place we are taking common skatepark obstacles and creating our own abstract interpretation. This interpreation can be admired by just about anybody and give a community something that makes it really stand out.