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Dragon Tail

This piece is probably the most stylish retaining wall you will ever find. Inspired by a famous skate spot in New York City, the Dragon Tail is a swooping raked wall that serves as a bank and also helps direct traffic flow at skateparks and skate spots.

The fact that the original spot was popularized, despite being in the middle of traffic headed for the freeway, shows how much skaters love to get creative on a piece like this. By connecting the piece directly with the ground we’ve made it even more skateable. Skaters can ollie onto the piece or simply ride up the surface and grind the top edge.

With this piece we’ve tried to be as inventive as possible by taking a simple concept and turning it into something that fits in harmoniously with its surroundings. The Dragon Tail is the ideal art piece because it can be easily incorporated into any skatepark design, and save costs by acting as a retaining wall at the same time.