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The Clam Shell

A favorite among transition skaters, the clam shell is a premium feature in bowls around the world.  By taking a skatepark feature and turning it into a piece that can be incorporated into a skate plaza or skate spot, we’ve eliminated the huge cost associated with bowls and transition.

Rather than being forced to drop into a deep bowl, this piece allows skaters to practice their transition skills without needing a complete bowl at their disposal.  Seamless transition from the ground to the surface of this piece makes for optimal skateability.  This piece is also perfect for the corners of a skatepark, where dead ends can a kill skater’s flow.

The Clam Shell is a striking piece that projects from the ground in an awe-inspiring manner.  Skateparks filled with a vast array of flowing bowls are beautiful concrete masterpieces in themselves, and by utilizing one of the most unique parts of a bowl, we feel that we’ve recreated that same artistic feeling in the streets.