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The Bent Penny

The Bent Penny is a great piece derived from the traditional school yard banks that have been popular with skaters since the 1960’s.  The piece’s simplicity allows for an endless number of easy customizations and tweaks.

In it’s simplest form the Bent Penny provides a perfectly sloped bank for skaters to ride up onto, do a trick, and then ride back down.  With enough speed skaters can also grind the top edge of the bank and roll back down.  By incorporating a ledge into the piece, either at the base or in the middle of the bank, the ability to grind and transfer makes the obstacle even more versatile.

The thought of bending a giant concrete “penny” and incorporating it into public space can be intriguing to everyone – not just skaters.  The smooth concrete surface and the unique shape of this sculptural piece also create an aestetchically pleasing image that will pique the interest of a passerby.