The Perfect Use of Public Art Funding

The majority of skatepark projects are eligible for public art funding, which means the chances of procuring funding for your Skateable Art installation are quite promising.  Depending on your city and the types of grants available, a certain percentage of the project’s budget can be paid for with funding set aside for public art.  Most cities also allocate funding for “Beautification” projects that make visual improvements to urban areas.  This often involves planting trees and other greenery, as well as incorporating some form of artwork into the landscape.

In 2008, the Parkgate Skatepark received a ‘community public art grant’ through the District of North Vancouver.  The goal of the community public art program was to create art work that was accessible to the public, not simply by virtue of its placement in a public space, or because of its content, but through the engagement of community members in defining and shaping their environment.