Add on to your existing skatepark with Skateable Art


In the early years of the skatepark industry’s short history, skatepark design was often uninspired and lacking in creativity.  It was a lot easier for a city to pick out a couple ramps from a catalog than take the time and money to hire a company that was experienced with creating innovative skatepark designs.  Unfortunately though, many cities do not enjoy the kind of economic freedom that would allow them to tear out their existing skatepark and build a brand new one.  For cities who have existing skateparks and are looking to make them better, but don’t have the money for a complete overhaul, integrating a few skateable art pieces is a great way to bring life back into the park.  With minor cutting and flatwork, the pieces can be seamlessly integrated into the existing skatepark with low costs and the highest of quality.

For skaters who are always looking for a different line or a new challenge, skating the same park every day can become monotonous.  Skateable art pieces on the other hand open up a whole new world of opportunities through transfers, gaps, and unique angles.  Incorporating artistic features into the skatepark can also make it more inviting to the rest of the community that doesn’t skateboard.  Like modern public sculptures, skateable art pieces are eye-catching to just about everyone and can help create vibrant community spaces.